Pomazal Photography is a full service photography studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We specialize in advertising and editorial dealing with people and places, especially people in places.

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Mike PomazalPhotographer

(530) 526-1971

From the first time experiencing a camera shutter release, Mike has been hooked on photography. With a keen eye for purposeful detail and Dutch Golden Age art as a muse for style and symbolism, Mike uses photography to explore and tell stories, especially through portraiture. In his experience, everyone has a story, and he loves getting to know people and talking about just about anything, whether that’s art, computers, linguistics, economics, or something more. When he isn’t snapping pictures (though he goes nowhere without a camera), his adventures include traveling (he’s been to most of the continental 48 states), and trying new foods (even if the food is disgusting, he likes to be able to say he’s tried it).

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Todd WorkmanStudio Manager

(971) 209-8428

As a native of Oregon, Todd grew up building tree houses, playing kick the can and capture the flag in the forest, rollerblading, and pining for the sun (only occasionally all at the same time), and those are still regular activities for him. Todd graduated with a BA in English (if you’re wondering, yes he knows what he’s going to do with that, and no, his only option isn’t teaching). As a lover of languages and writing, and a bit of a glutton for punishment, he minored in Creative Writing, Portuguese, and Russian. He has lived in Africa and Russia, was a Portuguese teacher for over four years, and is a poet (so you’ve probably never read his work).